Meet The Team

Here's the team behind 1Academy, along with all of the operations, outreach, and development that goes on behind the scenes!


1Academy - Michael Ye - Co-Founder and CEO

Michael Ye

Co-Founder & CEO

I built my first software business at age 14 in the game modifications space, which generated ~$3,000 worth of passive income per month & hired 3 developers. After that, I wanted to make an impact in education out of frustration with the current education system & ineffectiveness of online learning. I worked backwards from my vision & decided the best first step is to start an online learning platform and build a massive user base. Hence why we started 1Academy.
1Academy - Calix Huang - Co-Founder and CTO

Calix Huang

Co-Founder & CTO

Hey there! I'm a self-taught, 15 y/o startup engineer, with a focus on full-stack development. I love product development, and I try to model my work around real-world ideas. I build everything that you see and interact with on 1Academy, as well as all the backend infrastructure you don't see behind the scenes. I've created many SaaS products in the past such as Ano.js, NPO Core, and 1Academy, and had my first company Ortexo acquired by NovaCrypt.


1Academy - Duncan McCall

Duncan McCall

Co-Founder @ Brainstation

1Academy - Donald Morton

Donald Morton

Co-Founder @ urspace